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Pool Services

Regular pool and spa maintenance is key for the longevity of your pool and equipment.

Weekly maintenance is key to longevity, including: filter pressure checks, chemical level checks and the addition of chemicals if needed, a check of the condition of the tile and walls, examination of the liner for leaks, and a check of equipment like filters, water pumps and heater pumps. 

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Equipment Repairs & Installs

Water chemistry is important to the life of your equipment; this is why professional pool servicing is vital. Despite your best efforts, sometimes equipment gets damaged and needs repair. Common problems include:

Leaks: A knowledgeable pool repair expert will be able to determine the cause of water loss and either recommend a solution to decrease the evaporation rate, or fix the problem if it is a leak.


Pump motor problems: Water quality can be greatly affected if your pump motor is not working properly. The water won’t be heated, circulated, or even filtered if your pump is not in proper working order.

We install EcoStar and Intelliflo VS+SVRS Pool Pumps, Filters, Heater Pumps and more.


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